We sell a wide selection of organic herbs, teas and spices. We choose to sell organic because we believe this planet deserves better, your body deserves better and because organic products do not contain harmful additions. We do our best to choose Certified Organic products to ensure that our products are the best available.



It is your right to choose the best options for healing, for DIY natural products and to boost your daily antioxidant intake with plants. Do you know that an herb can have 10 times the antioxidant power of a vegetable? So for whatever reason you want to use them, we have over a hundred options from which you can choose… and best of all, you can buy in bulk and save!



Isn’t it wonderful to enjoy a cup of tea and let life melt away? When you use loose teas and allow the leaves to have room to release their flavors, you can savor the full quality of the brew. Sip by sip, you become a connoisseur of aroma, taste and texture of a whole leaf tea without fillers and artificial colors and flavors. We have hundreds of Certified Organic blends of herbal teas, green teas, fruit-flavored black teas and specialty functional teas.



Enhancing the flavor of the foods you eat should be done in a natural and healthy way, avoiding the use of harmful and artificial flavor enhancers. Spices wake up our senses, enhancing the flavor of baked goods and savory dishes. We have single spices or amazing blends of natural spices to use in your every day meals or to bring “Ooo’s” and “Ahh’s” at a dinner party! Come have a taste!