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Aloha and thank you for taking a moment to learn about us. My name is Ivonne ( e-v-o-n) and this is not just my story but the path where life happily put us (my husband and I). I think that life is full of choices and learning to take the right ones and the less common path in this world takes more energy than the path that everybody follows but it is definitely worth it! Stay with me and I will tell you our little story. 

Have you ever notice that the planet will be way greener if we let nature follow its course? It is a green and blue planet for a reason but we make so many choices in the day by day in what we call our civilized lives that we have erased humanity from being part of this green ecosystem cycle. We forget that nature is and should be part of our bodies. Plants play a very essential part of our life and they are abundant all over the planet for that reason. A decade and some more years ago, my husband received the dire diagnosis of the big "C" in his life. That was a moment of truth, where life just grounded you and made you see life through the lenses of priorities. The options offered for him were few, do "this" or you die in less than couple of years. Sad and dark. 

Let me tell you that after many years as a nerdy programmer for big bucks pharmaceutical companies and then working in one of the biggest hospitals in my country, I learned that these entities exist because of the choices that we make; mostly wrong choices as a person, as community and as a world. My husband and I knew that taking these big companies' common solution was going to make him one more customer and the collection of orange containers were never going to end. So we chose life, we chose to get back to what nature wanted you to be: to live and thrive just like any other creature in the planet. We learned that plant base diets were not a fad but what nature designed for you: to be alive, well, and the main side effects were just naturally loosing pounds! Who can complain!

This life changing event is what made me go to Oregon to formally study plants and more specifically herbs and how to use them for many conditions. I studied to use holistic therapies and nutrition to apply during illness. And to make the long story short, a decade and some years later my husband is still alive. We know that this path is not easy for everybody to take, but if you want to learn more about nature's treasures called herbs, we want to be there for you. We are passionate about the antioxidant powers that herbs, teas and spices have to offer and opening this shop was our way to tell the world that there is an option or, I may say, we have hundreds of organic options for you. Come lets have a cup of tea and tell us your story, 

For private herbal wellness consultations send us an email or come to the shop to schedule an appointment.

Ivonne is a Certified Professional Herbalist and a Holistic Wellness Coach and is passionate helping people find natural solutions for common ailments. She is the owner of The Cardinal Herbs Teas and Spices and lives in Honokaa, Hawaii, along with her husband Bob a former NWS Lead Weather Forecaster and their two awesome and crazy Labradors."