Herbal Alignment Consultation


I remember the first time I learned that the antioxidant power of herbs and spices could be stronger than even vegetables! That really shook up my basic thinking about it, as I was only using a pinch of herbs and spices back then. That was my “Aha!” moment. I wanted to learn more and more about herbs and study their powers. 

Our bodies receive constant insults from the environment, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the toxins and artificial things that we consume, the lifestyle that we have or even the people that surround us. For that reason the need to increase antioxidants in our daily life today is more important than in the times when my Grandmother was around, and that was long ago. There are so many reasons to think again and again what are we missing in our daily lives, what nutrients we are abusing or of what nutrient we are depriving our bodies? Are we aligned with what nature designed us to be? Are we thriving in our health? 

Well, that is my main purpose in offering the Herbal Wellness Alignment, a private conversation where we can find your points for improvement. How can we use herbs and natural holistic therapies to improve your health? After determining those spaces for improvement you will receive a Holistic protocol to consider and learn to take care of yourself so you don't misalign your health any more. 

I have been passionate about health and wellness for nearly two decades. I pursued a career in the wellness field because helping my own family, friends, acquaintances and clients, I have witnessed how helping the body with the right tools and getting back to nature will promote healing of many ailments, decrease side effects and strengthen your own body in the natural way to regain health. I have been passionate about compassionate eating and healthy eating for more than two decades; I have been practicing health and wellness even before deciding to pursue my holistic wellness career.

I walk the talk. I am certified by the American College of Healthcare Sciences as a Holistic Wellness Coach and studied in Portland Oregon to be a Certified Professional Herbalist. I am constantly improving my knowledge of holistic wellness, herbalism, and plant food based approaches and continue taking classes in different branches of the health field, as this is an ongoing priority for me to keep up to date. 

Thank you for letting me share with you what I learn through the years and allowing nature to help you in the path to thriving health. 

Send me an email if you are interested in taking the Herbal Wellness Alignment in a private consultation, I will be happy to have that conversation with you. 

Ivonne Cardenas

Professional Herbalist &

Holistic Wellness Coach

Nature will never fail you.

Your body deserves nature's balance.